About Us

The CCM story is one of colour and excitement. It is a series of stand-alone chapters undeniably bound together by the faithfulness of a God who provides and sustains. It is also a story of grace, as the sovereign Creator uses the ministry as a means to transform the lives of the individuals who have been entrusted to it. While the ministry exists primarily for the education of children, its driving force is to see students and their families enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ. The ultimate purpose of CCM is to Educate for Eternity.


The story began indirectly in 1981, with the commencement of Dalby Christian College. The experience gained in commencing a school in Dalby was very useful in guiding the commencement of Mueller College some 10 years later. By 1997 there was considerable interest within the Mueller community to open a Christian school on Brisbane’s south-side. This interest became action and in 1999, Groves Christian College at Kingston opened its doors as the second campus of Mueller. Groves — which is now spread over two campuses as well as operating a school of Distance Education — would ultimately be the first school in the CCM group.


In 2001 the Board of Groves were made aware of a relatively young campus for sale in a rapidly growing area of the Gold Coast Shire. This was one of two campuses belonging to St Stephens Anglican School. The campus was purchased and Livingstone Christian College commenced with only seven students in January 2002.


In 2003, Dalby Christian College approached the Boards of Groves and Livingstone about the possibility of joining the group. This request highlighted the need and benefit of establishing a service company for the three Colleges. CCM came into being that year. Within a short period of time, it developed a reputation for its effective management of Christian schools. Consequently, its consultancy advice is sought by various bodies.


In subsequent years, CCM added Whitsunday Christian College, Warwick Christian College, Endeavour Christian College in Cooktown, Staines Memorial College and The Lakes Christian College in Penrith.  The Lakes was CCM’s first foray outside of Queensland.  In 2015 Chinchilla Christian College joined the CCM group of schools.  Some of these Colleges were started at the initiative of CCM and others were taken on at a time when they experienced some financial or operational difficulty.  In South Australia, CCM commenced Blakes Crossing Christian College in 2014 and Seaview Christian College in Port Augusta in 2016.    


There is no doubt that God is at work in the CCM schools. Entire families have been won for Christ and the ministry is growing despite its conservative approach to growth.


James Hudson Taylor said: ‘God’s work, done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies’. This has been proven many times over in CCM’s journey to this point. The key to Hudson Taylor’s statement is ‘… done in God’s way …’. The Board and management of CCM value your prayers for wisdom in discerning the will of God in their decision-making.